Talos Energy Rises To The Top

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In only 6 years of existence, Houston-based Talos Energy has already managed to rack up several awards. The company, formed in 2012, has been named to the Houston Chronicle’s Top Workplaces list from 2017 through 2017. The annual award is based on input from employees, which makes the award even more special, as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to its employees. Considering that Talos Energy is based squarely in the midst of innumerable other oil and gas exploration companies in the Houston area, this is no small accomplishment.

Although a young company in a field often dominated by traditional oil and gas exploration giants, Talos Energy has grown from other companies. The company’s management staff brings decades of previous industry experience to the table. Founding partners John L. Harrison, John A. Parker, Timothy S. Duncan, and Stephen E. Heitzman first began by starting two other exploration companies, Gryphon Exploration, and Phoenix Exploration. After selling both companies, the group used the earnings to start up Talos Energy. Since then, the company has continued to increase its presence in the risky waters of the Gulf of Mexico drilling in both shallow and deep waters offshore as the Gulf’s newest wildcatter.

Not content to bask in their successes, Talos Energy acquired Whistler Energy II in a $52 million purchase on August 31, 2018. The purchase gives Talos an increased presence in the Gulf, as it takes over three blocks in the Central Gulf, as well as a drilling platform in shallower Gulf waters. This comes on the heels of Talos’ strategic combination (merger) of Stone Energy Corporation. This resulted in increased assets and a greater scale of production properties for the company. The Pompano platform, acquired in the deal, adds existing drilling infrastructure to Talos’ portfolio while allowing the company the chance to continue with new exploration.

With a scant 6 years in business, Talos Energy has shown no inclination to slow their growth. The Gulf of Mexico is no place to show hesitation in oil and gas exploration, and Talos continues to demonstrate a willingness to move forward.

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Health Care Service

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Has Started A State Of The Art Skin Care Line

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has created a new skin care line that offers state of the art care that keeps your skin looking youthful and fresh. This medical-grade skin care tackles common issues with the skins such as dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and poor elasticity. In order to take care of your skin properly you will need to know how to exfoliate and moisturize on a routine basis. Using Dr. Jejurikar’s formula will help keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. It has the perfect combination of peptides, hydrating elements and natural acids.

His skin care products include a daily exfoliating cleanser. It contains vitamin c, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and jojoba. It works to remove dead skin cells and speed up cell renewal. It prevents clogged pores, makes the skin glow and works best for those with oily skin.

The one minute facial offers spa treatment right in your own home. It lifts dead cells and debris right away. You can actually feel the removal of the particles from your skin as you are massaging on the product. All it takes is a massage and rinse to reveal luminous radiant skin. For best results you’ll use this one from two to three times a week.

The intense daily moisturizer soothes and hydrates the skin. It is meant to be used day and night and works to restore the skin after exposure to the harsh environment. This one is good for dry skin.

Lastly, the eye lift contour crème is a moisturizer that will soothe and smooth the skin around the eyes. It’s a hydrating formula created to protect and strengthens that skin. It has a time released system so your delicate eye area can get the best absorption. This product eliminates puffiness and dark circles with regular use.

About Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas Texas. His patients love him for his warmth and sensitivity. He has several years of experience and training in plastic surgery. His focus areas are the body, breast, face, nose, and eyes.


Organo Gold

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Organo Gold Has Its Own Place In The Northwestern Coffee Culture

In the Northwest, the United States to Vancouver, BC, coffee is nothing to joke about. Most people know the big names such as Starbuck, Pete’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and more, but they only make up a small part of the overall coffee culture experience. Most people would say that it is the small coffee shops that make drinking coffee a unique experience. There are also companies like Organo Gold who have added their own unique products into the mix.

Organo Gold adds a secret ingredient to their coffees. This ingredient puts them in a unique category all by themselves. The ingredient is a mushroom extract called Ganoderma. The herb is said to add additional health benefits to the coffee.

That is not all that makes Organo Gold stand out from the rest. They are instant coffees and can be directly delivered to your door. When you are in the mood for a dark roast, or any other type, but do not feel like going out to the local coffee shop, Organo Gold is waiting in the cupboard. They carry the same flavors as other national brands and are convenient to mix, make, and drink.

Coffee has been in the Northwest for decades and there is plenty of room for the small shops as well as the big name players. As history looks back at this cultural revolution, companies such as Organo will be noted as having a hand in creating coffee culture. Lattes are serious business.

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Talos Energy: The Recipient of A Discovery Award in 2017

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Talos Energy, who recently merged with Stone Energy, won a Discovery Award in 2017 for its findings in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is an oil and gas company headquartered out of Houston, Texas.

Specifically, Talos Energy was recognized for its efforts in discovering an oil reserve in Zama. It is the first offshore drill zone off the coast of Mexico, government sector excluded. It is believed that between 1.4 and 2 billion barrels of oil are present under the waters in Zama.

The Discovery Award is awarded to companies by way of senior business leaders and experts voting on the most exciting discovery of each year.

The Stone Energy Merger

The merger has been beneficial for both parties. The deal was officially completed on May 10, and Talos Energy is now able to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TALO.”

Timothy Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy, said that the deal is a transformational combination, creating a scenario where investors and shareholders will benefit. In fact, the synergy created by the merger will make Talos Energy a premier E&P in the Gulf of Mexico.

Duncan also believes that the merger will enable the organization to continue their efforts in the Gulf of Mexico and pursue new interests too. The company has stated that it expects to see a $25 million pre-tax quota from chain management and other operational efficiencies before 2018 is over.

About Talos Energy

Founded by its current CEO Timothy Duncan, Talos Energy began in 2012. Thanks to contributions from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings, the company was able to immediately get up and running, exploring the Gulf of Mexico and other oil-rich waters.

Talos’ means to an end consists of purchasing under-valued, under-exploited assets and focusing on them. They use modern geophysical data to ensure that their chances of locating and extracting oil is high.

Intertainment media

NewsWatch TV and their Targeted Reviews

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NewsWatch is an award-wining media program that have a strong focus on technology as well as consumer and entertainment media. They specialize specifically in consumer reviews on products, news and recent updates in the celebrity, political and medical world. NewsWatch TV has satellite media that are located on-location. They offer a variety of interviews and news releases via video.

SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear Review

SteelSeries is a global electronics and headphone company. SteelSeries is based out of Denmark. They specialize in manufacturing gaming peripherals and accessories. Some of which include headsets and keyboards. SteelSeries has partnered with NewsWatch TV to promote their product lines and expose themselves to as wide of a market audience as possible. When the SteelSeries segment aired, nearly every market in the United States saw the program and it reached more than 95 million households as a whole audience.

The Senior Director of Marketing for SteelSeries commented on the recent experience with NewsWatch TV. Tori Pugliese, Senior Director, said NewsWatch TV truly understand how proper PR is done. She commented on their ability to deliver a particular message to the target audience. Distribution resulted in success following the broadcast of the SteelSeries segment on NewsWatch TV media.

NewsWatch TV aims to make their videos easy to watch and the information absorbable to the everyday consumer. NewsWatch TV broadcasts at 7am on Monday on the AMC Network. They also broadcast on Ion Television and independent stations. They base their efforts out of Washington, DC. They have office bases in New York City, Denver, Colorado, and Fairfax, Virginia.


Malcolm CasSelle the Trader

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Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins, the top bitcoin merchant in the world. Although it will most likely soon become decentralized, right now it is the largest centralized technology company in the world. It will most likely soon be switching to decentralization because it is now eligible for stuff and decentralized technology companies have fewer limitations than centralized technology companies. CasSelle is also president of the OPSkins branch, WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a gaming asset company that allows traders to trade gaming assets across borders. Previously this was nearly impossible because every country had their own set of processes, rules, language, currency, and regulations.

WAX had made this possible by centralizing all of this. This is an innovation that will benefit much more than just WAX; it will surely benefit the entire virtual trading world for many years to come. On WAX there are also far fewer financial risks than on other trading platforms. WAX has also eliminated the possibility of fraud on its platform, doing so by eliminating the need of subsidiaries to complete transactions. They key here is its use of blockchain smart contracts, which eliminate such transaction subsidiaries.

Smart contracts do this by creating operations and efficiencies that centralized technology companies can’t do. WAX also completes all transactions much faster than other trading platforms. All in all, it is the best and most efficient virtual trading platform out there today. Transactions are completed almost instantaneously. CasSelle entered professional life by first earning an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then a graduate degree in the same thing from Stanford University. After his education, he served as found Timeline Labs and served as its CEO until it was bought by SeaChange were he served as SVP and GM of Si’s subsidiary, Digital Media. He then served as CTO of tronc for serval years before joining the OPSkins team.


Achievements of Sussex Healthcare

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Sussex Healthcare has been offering the resident of Sussex Healthcare County in England with various healthcare services for close to 25 years. They offer the old members of the society a place to stay due to age. They also help in providing housing services to the adults of all ages who have desired to have an assisted living due to disabilities in learning. The company has over 20 facilities which offer services with similar conditions. Some of these conditions are Parkinson’s disease; age-related mental conditions as well as dementia. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

Sussex Healthcare is managed by its two co-founders and also the joint chairmanship of Shiraz Boghani and Shafix Sachedina. Amanda Morgan Taylor is the recently brought chief executive officer who possesses decades of experience in private and public healthcare industry. Amanda has previously served as a service manager, quality development director, mental health nurse and also a managing director of so many companies. She possesses a vast range of experience while working with healthcare providers as well as councils and has managed to help a number of organizations in overcoming operational challenges.

One of the facilities that Sussex Healthcare Operates is called Horncastle House. It is an Elizabeth style facility situated in East Grindstead. The home is on 15 acres of land with gardens, orchards, grass lawns as well as Fountains. Horncastle house can host up to 28 people and has managed to offer both shared as well as private rooms, The house despite its age has been fitted with modern amenities that make it very conducive for aged people. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Esht.nhs.

These homes also offer younger people with a chance to live there. Especially those suffering from neurological conditions. The other home is called Long field Manor which is dedicated to hosting older people with Alzheimer’s diseases or even Dementia. The house can accommodate more than 40 people at a go. The house has access to a very wide range of programs aimed at promoting mental and physical health. The house has a very large outdoor area where resident s can enjoy gardening, walk and even have time to socialize.



Making Money on Upwork in a Few Easy Steps

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Upwork Global Inc. also known as Upwork is an online market-place for those who freelance in the fields of writing, graphics, web development, and many more. Businesses and contractors who are independent can connect, and work professionally. The company has its offices in San Francisco, California. The site allows professionals to quickly look for projects, connect with employers, and receive salaries. If you are not adequately conversant with your profession, valuable experience can be gained. New workers are available on the site working at lower wages, and getting a considerable income needs someone who has a proper track record in the company.

Set Profile that is Honest and Robust

Your profile plays the same role as your resume for future employers. Without it, finding work becomes difficult.

It is important to describe the level of work you wish to complete, and the level of professional experience, and the experience you want to undertake.It is important because it is a self-evaluation process, so it should be something honest. If everything is done as needed, it can be assumed that everything is done accurately. In 24 hours your profile will be accepted. If you are hired to work, and not deliver, your account may be suspended or closed

Use Connects to apply to Legitimate Employers

Always apply for a job that you qualify to work on, and this is by the use of Connects provided. The Connects act like the platform’s internal tokens, and since the company offers limited Connects, think carefully about the projects you apply. You receive 60 Connects a month.

Start working after Setting your Price

The fee structure depends on the amount of money got from every customer. For the initial $ 500 received from each customer, a service fee of 20% will be charged. When you reach almost $ 10,000, Upwork will reduce the cut to 10%. After that, it reduces further to 5%. Getting paid can be in two ways: the fixed price or hourly price.

Get Your Money after Job Completion

All projects are paid on a weekly basis. Payment is made 10 days after the end of the billing period after the client reviews the work and is satisfied. You can receive payments with options such as bank transfer or direct deposit to PayPal.

Business/Healthcare Industry/Clinician/Businesswoman

The Contribution of Deirdre Baggot to the Healthcare Industry

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Deirdre Baggot has made substantial contribution to the healthcare industry both as a consultant and as a player. With a background in nursing, she has demonstrated the understanding of the healthcare system. She is doctor of philosophy and has a masters’ degree in business administration and management. She is currently practicing as a healthcare business strategist.

Much deserved credit has been given to Deirdre Baggot, particularly for participating in the development of bundled payment as a system for reimbursement in the healthcare industry. During her tenure as the Senior Vice President, Healthcare Payment Innovation Practice Leader at GE Healthcare Partners, she spearheaded many strategies to make bundled payments better for the improvement of health care service delivery. Baggot created an organization that offered consultancy in the area of bundled payments. Her efforts and determination paid off as the company realized a total of $6.6 million in annual revenues. You can find Deirdre Baggot on Twitter @deirdre_baggot

Since the launch of bundled payment as a method, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has embraced the idea, moving away from the traditional methods that are not only wasteful but do not ensure better quality of service. The Medicare Acute Care Episode Bundled Payment as a pilot, has seen many service providers realize the systems pros, in as far as efficiency is concerned. One of the realizations is that bundling payment significantly reduces costs of service provision, e.g. by preventing cases of readmissions. With Increased evidence of bundled payments’ ability to contribute to the achievement of healthcare aims and goals, many service providers are set to shift into the bundling option.

Deirdre Baggot has developed and spearheaded the implementation of several programs for hospitals across the country. She has also authored several articles on bundled payments, healthcare reform and payment transformation making her one of the greatest contributors to considerable transformation in the US healthcare industry.

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Sightsavers Helps the Disabled See New Opportunities

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A world without sight is hard enough, but for people with blindness and other disabilities in underdeveloped countries (and even in many developed countries) they find themselves at the edge of society, excluded from everyday living. Founded in 1950 in Chippenham, UK, Sightsavers hopes to eliminate preventable cases of blindness, and on a larger scale to provide universal access to health care. They are a foundation advocating for the disabled in growing nations, dedicated to changing how the world looks at people with disabilities.

On July 24, 2018, Sightsavers attended the UK Global Disability Summit in London, England, where eight hundred delegates from countries and organizations from around the world gathered to spread the word about disability rights. Lofty goals of the summit were aimed towards four goals; respect for all regardless of health, education that includes the disabled population, bringing them into the workforce in achievable and important roles and bringing technology into play as a tool to facilitate the inclusivity that Sightsavers and many organizations are crying for.

The changes resulting from the event exceeded the already high hopes of Sightsavers in making sure disabled citizens of every nation have the same rights as their countrymen and have a chance to contribute to society. Eighteen countries committed to creating inclusivity plans, nine committed to creating new laws to give those who are disabled greater rights. Many corporations pledged to fund the cause, particularly in education and technology resources for the blind.

Sightsavers stands at the forefront of the global inclusivity movement, paving the way for other non-profits, corporations, and governments to follow. Their long-term goal is to completely eliminate preventable blindness, which makes up 75% of blindness. Loss of sight from diseases like cataracts, Trachoma, and river blindness is completely avoidable, and with the momentum from the Global Disability Summit, that goal is within reach. So many people across the globe don’t have equal status in their communities, but Sightsavers is clearing the road and bringing the world along with them.