Jennifer Walden Makes Austin Her Home

Austin is a vibrant community that offers many people the opportunity to make live in a city and yet still have access to the countryside at the same time. This has been a particular boom for residents like Dr. Jennifer Walden who love having the best of both worlds right at their beck and call. Walden grew up in the Austin area. As she tells Austin MD Magazine in an interview, it is to Austin that she looks to make her home base. She a highly admired specialist in the field of plastic surgery who feels at home in the operating room and also at home in the fields surrounding her house with her adored family of two sons and her close relatives.

Her Own Quest

As a young woman growing up in the Austin area, she was exposed to many role models to show her what it means to be a strong woman. Her mother and father raised her here to be part of a community that is devoted to excellence in every possible. The local high school she went to in Austin taught her that she could do anything she set her mind to in life. Walden decided to follow her dreams and enter the the world of medicine. After she finished a degree in biology, her grades were good enough to allow her the opportunity to enter medical school after being wait listed initially. She took the chance and ran with it, ultimately graduating second in her class.

Leaving And Returning

Walden left Austin to finish up her training in the field of plastics. Still, she knew that Austin was her home. She wanted to be where she could be with her parents and her many loving siblings. This is why she came right back to Austin so she could raise her twin boys in the best possible environment. She has since started her own personal practice in the region devoted to providing high quality plastic surgery services for all those who want to look better and feel better in the area she has come to love.


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