Talkspace and Bipolar Disorder



Bipolar tops the list of debilitating mental disorders an individual can suffer with; they are often vilified in the world. They are often portrayed as untrustworthy, unstable, promiscuous and violent tempers. Potential partners are scared away when they learn of their mental condition or even discourage by others to pursue a relationship with them. Bipolar sufferers deserve happiness just like the rest of us; they don’t deserve discrimination based on a medical condition. Bipolar individuals can lead healthy, productive lives with the appropriate therapy.

Talkspace is a therapy application where patients can receive therapy session over the app. The therapists are fully licensed and are well-qualified to treat this mental condition appropriately. Sufferers can receive the help they need to thrive and they can feel hopeful about their lives. Sessions can be arranged according to patient preference, they can select an audio session or video sessions. Patients don’t have to worry about missing time from work to attend sessions. Patients aren’t stuck in traffic while on the way to their sessions. Talkspace fees are cheaper than rates individuals would pay at a therapist office plus more accessible. Oren Frank cofounder of Talkspace, he developed this app as a means to help mental illness suffers to be able to receive treatment.